affiliate program




How does the Mondogrowkits Affiliate Program work?

          Publishers choose products, generate tracking links and then promote. Shoppers click these links to make orders.

Orders made are processed and a purchase commission is paid to publishers.


Who can join the Mondogrowkits Affiliate Program?

          Anyone that has an online presence (not only on social media) with an amount of traffic (visitors) can join and

become an Mondogrowkits Affilate publisher.


What kind of support does Mondogrowkits provide publishers?

          Mondogrowkits provides promotional materials such as tracking links, sales banners and sales themes. Publishers are also

given access to useful tools and reports to keep track of data and develop marketing strategies.


How do I join the Mondogrowkits Affiliate Program?

           Click to {Sign in} if you already have an account with Mondogrowkits. You can then submit an application via

the Mondogrowkits Affiliate Program page. If you don’t have an Mondogrowkits account, click to {Register} and create one first.


What should I do when there is no page response after clicking {Next} button in the Step 3 of Register?

          Please clear brower cookies or use other browers such as Chrome, etc, visit the affiliate portal log in and try again.


When can I use the affiliate portal?

           In usual, please wait 2 working days after submitted the application for the Mondogrowkits Affiliate Program. Then you could

visit the affiliate portal https:// mondogrowkits-multilevelmarketing.sign in to check if you are able to get links to promote.